Sunday, September 21, 2008

From Surat al-Tawba (9) verse 40 he [the Apostle] said to his companion, "Grieve not: verily, Allah is with us." And thereupon Allah bestowed upon him His (gift of] inner peace/ Serenity and supported him with armies [of angels] you did not see...

The verse deals with the flight of the Prophet (saaws) from Makkah to Yathrab which is to become Madinat-al Nabi ( City of the Prophet)- Madinah as we know it now.
The Prophet is accompanied by Abu Bakr (ra) and the two men are being pursued by men from Qureish who do not want to let the Prophet escape their years of bad treatment towards people who may support his cause. The two men are hiding in a cave when Abu Bakr starts crying, tears are running down his face, he turns to the Prophet and says: " Were you to die now, the Deen of Allah will leave us !" The Prophet responds: " What do you think of [the company] two whose third is Allah?" Abu Bakr wipes his tears with his hands as the Prophet invokes:" My Lord blind their eyesight to us". A pigeon comes by and lays two eggs in front of the cave and a spider weaves a net at its entrance; seeing this the pursuers ignore the cave and the two men are saved"

From the exegeses of Imams Razi, Nasafi and others...It is related that whenever Imam Hassan al Basri would speak of this episode he would cry as Abu Bakr did, and then wipe his face as Abu Bakr did.

Before the start of Ramadan this year, I sustained a major loss in my personal life. For several weeks before the fast, I feared that I would not be able to have the feast of spirituality that I had had in the previous Ramadan, I feared that alone I would be an easy prey to the Shaytan. My fear was so palpable to me that I considered taking drastic steps in order to protect myself from such an eventuality...this was something that lived with me day and night, until one day as I was making my rounds in the hospital, I heard clearly a voice inspiring me to turn openly to Allah and to ask him to help me..
Never before had I invoked with such fervor, never before did I have the immediate assurance that my wish for safety through this spiritual journey was going to be granted. And it was, beyond all my expectations. Alone with my child, I have had the most spiritually meaningful Ramadan of my life. Thus it is that Allah (swt) takes us to extreme situations in our live to test our reliance (Tawwakul) and when we turn to him with our poverty, He sends us treasures of Sakinah ( Divinely bestowed Serenity) and supports us in ways we did not think imaginable.

As I came to lie down this morning after late night Qur'an reading, Suhoor and Fajr prayer with my daughter, I heard the words being said to me : " La Tahzan inna Allaha MAAana" [ Grieve not: Allah is with us] and I had to get up to reread the verse in the Qur'an, to cry like Abu Bakr for my previous fear and doubt, and to say the words of the most beloved of humans who so generously gave us of himself in the way of Allah :" What do you think of the company of two whose third is Allah?". Alhamdulillah.

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