Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jood ( Divine Generosity) Surat Ibrahim 14: 34

"And He gave you, from pre-eternity on, from all you asked Him for... and were you to count the bounties of Allah you could not number them. Verily, man is in ever deepening darkness, and thus unfairness; a perverse concealer of the Truth". 

Ibn Arabi

قلت لما أن قال قومي بأنـي

قلت ما قلت والكؤس تـدار
من مدير الكؤس قلت حبيبـي

وهو شربي الذي عليه المدار
ثم قالوا فما يقـول حـبـيب

في إله له القلـوب تـعـار
ولسان الكريم يعطـيك مـالا

ثم يأتيك سـائلاً فـتـحـار
كرماً منه وامتناناً وفـضـلاً

ولك الحكم بعد ذا والخـيار
إن تشأ قلت أنت مالـك هـذا

أو تشأ ضده فـلـيس يغـا
كل هذا أباحه لـك فـضـلاً

حكم الخبر فيه والاضطرار
Since my people said that I said what I said as the goblets were passed around,
I said, “Who is passing the goblets?”
I said, “My beloved! He also is my drink being passed around”.

They said, “What does a lover say of a Divinity to whom hearts are loaned ?
The speech of the most Generous confounds you;
 he gives you money then comes, a beggar, asking from you”

All of it is from Him: Generosity, Bounty and Grace.
The decision is after that for you, and the choice:
You may wish to say, "You are the Owner of all this",
or you may wish otherwise, He will not dispute.

All of it He has permitted you out of His Grace:
To decide what to make known about Him freely or to be compelled.

Source: Al Futuhat al Makkiah p. 2402 
" Knowledge of the Abode of the Keys to the Storehouses of Divine Generosity" 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Laylatul Qadr 97:1

"We descended it in Laylatul Qadr"
Ibn Arabi
Laylatul Qadr is the physical frame of Muhammad (saaws) in the temporary state (Hal) of the Heart in which he became veiled from the witnessing of the Essence. The descent cannot occur without this state. Qadr is the high rank and nobility of the Prophet (saaws)- the verse means that the high rank of the Prophet does not appear and is not known to himself until that night.
If the fast of Ramadan is started on a Wednesday then Laylatul Qadr is the 29th night.
Fakhr al Deen al Razi
The use of  the "We" pronoun is for the sake of investing the matter with Greatness.
On the meaning of Qadr:
Qadr with a silent ( sukoon) "d" is a verbal noun (masdar) meaning high rank and with a "d" that has a Fatha (da) is a noun meaning :" the decree", " the measuring out" as in Surat al Dukhan 44:4 " On that night every judicious matter is separated distinctly".
The night was called al Qadr (cooking pot) because the Earth becomes overfilled with Angels.
Various Ahadith point to its occurrence in the last 10 days of Ramadan 
al Hassan al Basri
It is the night of the 17th of Ramadan because the day that follows it is the day of the battle of Badr.
Sahl al Tustari
It is named the night of Qadar" measuring out" because during it Allah swt decreed Rahmat ( Divine Mercy) for all his slaves.
Rouzbehan Baqli 
 That night where His Beauty is revealed to the Divine Knowers and the people of Winessing from those who are favored with His proximity. It is He, who has decreed their planes of consciousness (Manazil, pl. of Manzil) in the stations of Knowledge or Unveiling. It is He also who has decreed the ordainment of the Unseen and brought into view the Lights of His Dominion and of His Innermost Realm ( al Jabarut) to those endowed with Hearts. That is why Angels and the Spirit descend on that night, for they give them glad tidings of approaching Union ( Wisal) and eternal revelations of Divine Beauty.
It was said that the descent of the Angels on that night is in order to infuse the heart of the Divine Knowers with Rooh ( Spirit) .
 It is a night during which the worshippers find the measure of their Selves and the Divine Knowers witness the measure of the One they worship....What a difference there is between the finding of a Qadr and the witnessing of a Qadr!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Surat al Nisaa' 4:2 " The Possessions of the Orphans"

Black Hole
Hence, render unto the orphans their possessions, and do not substitute bad things [of your own] for the good things [that belong to them], and do not consume their possessions together with your own: this, verily, is a great crime.

Ibn Arabi 
 “And render unto the orphans” those orphans among your spiritual powers who are cut off from the care and sustenance of the Sacred Spirit who is their father
“their possessions” the knowledge and the accomplishment they need, and sustain them with them
“And do not substitute the bad for the good” what belongs to the realms of the senses, the illusions or the dark whisperings of the Nafs instead of what they should be receiving from you.
“And do not consume their possessions together with your own” that is do not mix them so that Truth and untruth become imprecise and shady and do not use them to pursue your selfish sensual needs and desires
“ verily it is a great crime” this would lead to your veiling and your deprivation [from Divine closeness] .