Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jood ( Divine Generosity) Surat Ibrahim 14: 34

"And He gave you, from pre-eternity on, from all you asked Him for... and were you to count the bounties of Allah you could not number them. Verily, man is in ever deepening darkness, and thus unfairness; a perverse concealer of the Truth". 

Ibn Arabi

قلت لما أن قال قومي بأنـي

قلت ما قلت والكؤس تـدار
من مدير الكؤس قلت حبيبـي

وهو شربي الذي عليه المدار
ثم قالوا فما يقـول حـبـيب

في إله له القلـوب تـعـار
ولسان الكريم يعطـيك مـالا

ثم يأتيك سـائلاً فـتـحـار
كرماً منه وامتناناً وفـضـلاً

ولك الحكم بعد ذا والخـيار
إن تشأ قلت أنت مالـك هـذا

أو تشأ ضده فـلـيس يغـا
كل هذا أباحه لـك فـضـلاً

حكم الخبر فيه والاضطرار
Since my people said that I said what I said as the goblets were passed around,
I said, “Who is passing the goblets?”
I said, “My beloved! He also is my drink being passed around”.

They said, “What does a lover say of a Divinity to whom hearts are loaned ?
The speech of the most Generous confounds you;
 he gives you money then comes, a beggar, asking from you”

All of it is from Him: Generosity, Bounty and Grace.
The decision is after that for you, and the choice:
You may wish to say, "You are the Owner of all this",
or you may wish otherwise, He will not dispute.

All of it He has permitted you out of His Grace:
To decide what to make known about Him freely or to be compelled.

Source: Al Futuhat al Makkiah p. 2402 
" Knowledge of the Abode of the Keys to the Storehouses of Divine Generosity" 


Sadiq Alam said...

Mashallah! Beautiful sharing.

Peace and Eid Mubarak!

Sufiyya said...

Thank you very much dear brother Sadiq. I wish you also a Eid Mubarak and many blessings.