Thursday, October 7, 2010

Al Shaytan & al Dhikr, Surat al Aaraf 7:200-201

Rouzbehan Baqli (3Ara’es al Bayan)
Al Shaytan is the dog of the ancient Qahr (The Subjugation that arose in Azal (sempiternity)). Whenever it barks behind the courtyard of your heart, on the side of your Nafs, escape from Our Subjugation to Our Lutf (Subtility, gentleness) and from Us to Us. The Prophet said :”I take refuge from You in You”, and the courtyard became flooded with the light of the Divine Manifestations, the Shaytan running away on all sides.... The envious Shayateen (pl. of Shaytan) observe the Friends of Allah from far so that, whenever the Friends slack at Witnessing the Remembrance and the Remembered and become heedless, the Shayateen can throw at them the fires of dark whisperings from the vials of the flesh. If the Friends would become established in the Station of Witnessing the visions of the Malakut (Realm of Souls), then the Shayateen would not be able to come near them for “they are pursued by a flaming fire of piercing brightness”. [Surat al Saffat 37:10].
Al Junaid saw Iblis in his dream and asked him: “Are you all able to pass by the gatherings of the people of Dhikr ?”. Iblis answered: “As is the case when one of you passes by our company, is touched by it and falls in love with us, so it is the case that when one of us passes by the company of Dhikr, he becomes prostrate”.
Qushayri ( Tafseer Lata’ef al Isharaat)
“Each strict man has a failing and each knowledgeable one commits a mistake; each worshiper has a period of difficulty and each one who is walking purposefully will have a period of nonchalance. For every walker there is a stop and for every divine knower there is a period of veiling. *The Prophet (saaws) stated:” A hundred times a day, clouding will cover my heart and I have to ask forgiveness form Allah swt” ...recounting that he also is subject to what others are subject to. He also said:” Bad temper will affect even the best of my community....
Ibn Arabi
Those who normally guard themselves from associating anyone with Allah, whenever they are touched by Shaytan and start attributing acts to other than Allah, they remember the station of Unicity and the Witnessing all Acts as coming from Allah and regain Sight of the Acts of Allah; with that all else, Shaytan and all others disappear from their Sight

وفي مسند الإمام أحمد وصحيح مسلم وسنن أبي داود وغيرهم عن الأغر المزني رضي الله عنه أن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم قال { إنه ليغان على قلبي وإني لأستغفر الله في كل يوم مائة مرة } هذا لفظ أبي داود ولفظ الإمام أحمد ومسلم { إنه ليغان على قلبي حتى أستغفر الله في اليوم مائة مرة } قال : وسمعته يقول { : توبوا إلى ربكم فوالله إني لأتوب إلى ربي - تبارك وتعالى - مائة مرة في اليوم }

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