Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Surat Al-Ahqaf 46:13. Like watching for the Crescent Moon

"for, behold, all who say, “Our Sustainer is God”, and thereafter stand firm - no fear need they have, and neither shall they grieve"

Ruzbehan Baqli states that the people of God (al Qawm, the sufis) See God with the heart, the intellect and the soul and Say : "Our Lord is God"! in the same way people who are looking out for the crescent moon see it, and applaud happily, laughing, and crying out: "We see it!" for when they see the Divine truth they recognize Him; they love Him and drink from the oceans of His Connectedness, Beauty and Magnificence deriving strength from the Lights of pre-time (azal) and post-time (abad) [where God alone is in Existence]. They become established (istiqamah) in what God wants from them and no longer suffer the fears of being veiled or the sadness of (self)-blame.  
Ibn Taher said: "They became established in seeing no other than Him, bestower of gifts, and did not thank anyone other than Him nor rely on other than Him in whatever state (hal) they might have found themselves in". 
Imam Jaafar al Sadeq stated: "They become established in God with the movements of their Hearts".

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