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Surat al Hajj (22) 1-8 : "Quake and Resurrection"

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From the Tafsir of Kashani attributed to Ibn Arabi
 22:1 “O people guard against your Lord”: guard against His punishment by divesting your self from its material covers and its human attributes
“Quake”: the commotion that occurs to the earth of the body at the moment of the small personal resurrection [al qiyamat al saghira)

22: 2 “On the day you see it every female that nurses” [the adjective Murdi3a used to refer to a nursing female] "will utterly forget her nursling" refers to the powers nourishing and nursing physical organs 
 “And every female heavy with a load” [adjectival sentence used to refer to a pregnant female]: refers to either 1) forces protective of the perceptive abilities such as imagination, illusions, memory and intellect which will depose their load of what has been perceived due to the intoxication, stunning, confusion and utter stupor or 2) each of the forces supportive of the organs of the body -which act to carry those organs, move them and allow them independence- weakens or 3) each organ lets go of the power that resides within it and, all that has been perfected in it can be let go off as it decays and drops, or 4) each Self carrying forms and attributes- either praiseworthy or despicable- is forced to display them or to show them off as patent from their innermost depth to their outward surface (Buruz)

22:6 “…and you see the earth barren and lifeless, but when We pour down rain on it, it is stirred, it swells, and it puts forth every kind of beautiful growth (in pairs).”
“….and you see the earth barren and lifeless” The earth of the self is lifeless due to ignorance and the lack of the plants of virtues and perfections.
“but when We pour down rain on it” the water of Knowledge [pouring down] from the heaven of the Spirit
“it is stirred” with true life
“it swells” by ascending in the stations and ranks
“and puts forth every kind of beautiful growth” of perfections and virtues which ornament the self

22:7 “That is because Allah is the (Haqq) Truth and because He gives life to the dead and because He has power over all things”
It is because Allah is the Haqq, the unchanging, immovable, permanent; and what is other than Him is changing and doomed to annihilation

22:8 “ and the Hour is coming no doubt in it AND no doubt about it, and He will raise up those who are in the graves”
He revives those who are dead of the death of ignorance (jahl) through divine emanation/effusion (faydd)
“He will raise up those who are in the graves” those who are dead of ignorance will be raised from the graves of the bodies, to be installed in the position of the Heart and be returned to the (fitra) the foundational design, and the life of Knowledge

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