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Ibn Arabi : Abd al Wali, Word of Fahwaniat

From Kitab al “3Abadila“(Those who carry the name 3Abd (slave, servant) + a beautiful Name)

3Abdullah bin Haroon bin Abd al-Wali

Surat al Shura 42:9
أَمِ اتَّخَذُوا مِن دُونِهِ أَوْلِيَاءَ فَاللَّهُ هُوَ الْوَلِيُّ وَهُوَ يُحْيِي المَوْتَى وَهُوَ عَلَى كُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدِيرٌ
Did they, perchance, [think that they could] choose protectors other than Him? But Allah alone is the Protector [of all that exists], since it is He alone who brings the dead to life, and He alone who has the power to will anything.

He said, “There are 5 types of Knowledge:

  1. The Science of Ahwal (pl. of Hal, Transient state of Being), it is likened to Wine.
  2. The Science of Awham (pl. of Wahm, Illusion, false perception), it is likened to Honey
  3. The Science of Tawheed (Unicity) and by this I refer to that which was brought by the divinely appointed laws, it is likened to Milk
  4. The Science of Forms and Rituals (Rusoom) is likened to water which in turn is divided into: a) water from Ghayth ( rain, help) associated with the Arwah (pl. of Ruh, Spirit, and what they contain), its knowledge is Changeless (enduring, fixed) b) Water from a 3Ayn (source, eye) associated with the universe of composition and what it contains of meanings, its knowledge is Changeable”.
He said, “Of the slaves of Allah, there are those through whom the rulings (constraining and molding) of worship course in their entirety without those rulings having been shaped in their hearts. If one, should ask: “Some acts of worship require Intention which is an act of the heart, how could one imagine worship occurring without it”? I would answer:” [In those people], even intention occurs without the person having a clear intent in their intent” [their worship comes from al-Wali to Allah without active involvement on their part]

He also said,” Whoever is realized through al-Haqq (Allah, Reality) is not characterized by the attributes of Sidq ( Truthfulness) or Ikhlas (Sincerity) nor does he experience a Hal (transient state of being) nor a Maqam (station)”.    

He also said,” Divine Opening (Fath) is not limited to the [time of] worship, but may  be given outside of the worship acts in an even more extensive manner than within worship; for Divine Opening is Generosity and Gifting while pious acts are to be rewarded in the next world”

He also said,” Do not ever enter to the Divine Presence (HhaDdra Ilahyat) while someone is drawing you from behind; for whosoever pretends, that he has received an Opening from Divine Providence, that he has received specialized approximation (Taqreeb), that his Knowledge of the Divine is from this type, that his drink is from this source, but is in truth indebted to another creature who is demanding its right from him, then, that person has lied and what he pretends to is false- for that, is the condition of Divine Opening. Knowledge may be bared to such a person but no Divine Proximity will be his”.

He also said, “There is nothing other than accord (Muwafaqa) and dissent (Mukhalafa).  Divine Proximity is reached through accord when the veils are lifted; through dissent, Divine Distance occurs and veils are sent, for He is the Near and the Far”.

He also said, “There are some slaves who are not negatively affected by rebellion and acts of transgression because Divine Providence has preceded in their case by Allah. O you transgressor of the limit of your Lord! Look at the kind of Openings that are occurring for you in the Eye of Proximity, have they changed or have they not? If they have, know then that Allah has warned you that you are in the Eye of Distance, were He to inspire you and lead you to successes in true Repentance, you would then be the “happy one”.

If your state has not changed despite your dissent and your transgression against sacredness then [try to understand]:
Is your continued success due to Divine Providence wherein transgressions do not affect you negatively “That Allah may forgive you of your sin that which is past and that which is yet to come” Surat al Fath (48): 2. [In your case], forgiveness has preceded transgression?
Alternatively, does this [this lack of change in your state] originate from the Eye of Ruse so that you weaken and then be deprived from your state only at the moment (waqt) when its loss would hurt you the most?

If it is a ruse, return to the Eye of Accord and obtain knowledge of the Word of Fahwaniat (the address of the Haqq in the Universe of Amthal [Models/Ideals: the Universe between the universe of the senses and the Universe of pure spirits]). With that Word, all suspicions and doubts are erased and there is no other Path to Him other than this one; if you do not find Him there, know then that this is a Ruse.*

He also said, “When Knowledge, from the side of al-Haqq, was spread on the carpet of Mercy, all creatures hurried towards it and took it from different paths. No matter how much they deviated from the path, which they took Mercy from, those who are responsible for this site redirect them to the “site of confluence of those paths”. If they respond to them, they will be fulfilled for those are more knowledgeable of the ‘Ayn al Jam’ than anyone else is. Their Ayn al Jam’(Eye of Togetherness) is the Absolute Oneness (Ahadiat) of the Path [? Travelling in Allah?]

*Definition obtained from al Futuhat al Makkiat

 Sheikh Syed Mutawali recites from Surat al Shura (42) verses 3-15

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