Monday, August 23, 2010

Ibn Arabi: "Those whom Allah loves".

Know then, may Allah grant you success, that, Love is a Divine station for He has characterized HisSelf by it and named Himself in the Qur'an al-Wadood (The Loving), and in the Hadith, the Lover.

He is the One Who inspired to Musa in the Torah: "O you son of Adam, by your right with me, I am a Lover, be then a lover to Me."

Mahhabat (Divine Love) has been mentioned in both Qur'an and Sunnah in reference to Allah and the created beings. Allah swt has mentioned the types of people He loves, according to their characteristics; He has also mentioned the characteristics of the people He does not love.

He commanded the Noble Prophet to tell us: "If you love Allah follow me; Allah will love you… "3:31 and stated: "O you who believe! If any from among you turn back from his Faith, soon will Allah produce a people whom He will love as they will love Him 5:54"

In mentioning the types of people whom He loves, He then informed us that Allah loves:
Those who turn to Him in repentance 2: 222
Those who purify themselves and those who keep themselves clean and pure(Mutaharun and Mutatahirun) 2: 222 & 9: 108
Those who rely on Him ( al-mutawkilun) 3: 159
Those who are patient 2: 153 ( al-sabirun)
Those who are grateful & thankful 31: 4 (al-shakirun)
Those who give in charity 12: 88 ( al-mutasadiqun)
Those who do good 2: 195, 3:134, 3: 152, 5: 13, 5: 93 ( al-muhsinun)
Those who fight in His cause in [solid] ranks, as though the were a building firm and compact 6:14

The Almighty distanced Himself from some folks because of the presence of characteristics that He does not love; meaning that He, may He be praised, wants those characteristics to vanish, which can only happen if they are replaced with their opposites.
The Almighty informed us that He does NOT love:
Those who spread corruption, the evil-doers ( al-mufsidun) 5:64, 28: 77. He does not love corruption (fasad) 2: 205, the opposite of which is working righteousness/making peace/doing good (salah).
Those who exult over riches 28:76 (al-farihun)
Those who are conceited and act in a boastful manner 4:36 & 31: 18(al-mukhtalun)
Those who are unfair, the oppressors 3:57 & 42:40 (al-zalimun)
Those who exceed the bounds, the squanderer 6:141 (al-musrifun)
The disbelievers 3:32, 30:45 (al-kafirun)
Those who speak evil openly 4: 148
The aggressors 5: 87 (al-mu'tadun)

It is so, that, Allah swt has also made certain matters lovable to us:
Either by their absolute lovable value as He said stressing our indebtedness to Him: 49: 7 "But Allah has made faith (Iman) lovable to you"
Or by making them attractive in our eyes: 3: 14 "Alluring unto man is the enjoyment of worldly desires" and said in the case of the human pair: 30:21
"He put loving-kindness (mawadat) and mercy (rahmat) between you".

Source : Al Futuhat al Makkia " The Meccan Openings"

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