Monday, August 30, 2010

Khatm al Anbiya' : Seal of Prophecy

Imprint of the Seal of the Prophet (saaws)
 Ibn Arabi states:

Muhammad saaws was the foremost locus of the human Prophecy as per his statement:” I was already a Prophet when Adam was between [the stages] of water and mud”. He is the locus of the Seal of Prophecy as per the statement of Allah swt : “ Muhammad has never been the father of any of your men, rather the Messenger of Allah and the Seal of Prophets” (Surat al Ahzab 33:40). When Muhammad claimed to be the father of Zaid [ibn Haritha]*, Allah swt denied the claim that Muhammad was the father of any of our men in order to make void any such relationship and to set his rank apart. Do you not see that no biological male child of the Prophet survived because of his being, in the foreknowledge of Allah, the Seal of Prophecy?

The Prophet said that the Message of Tashree3 (Legislation organizing a religious Path) that he was sent with, along with the Prophecy have ceased; meaning that any subsequent rulings do not originate from Allah and are not our Shariah: “No messenger after me will come with a ruling different from mine, and no Prophet will come with his own ruling sent from Allah”. In that way, he declared the end of the legislative Prophecy. Had he meant something other than that, it would contradict his saying that Issa (as) will descend among us and will be a fair judge ruling between us according to our own Shar’ ( Religious Lesgislation). We do not doubt that Issa (as) is a Messenger and a Prophet [but will not come with another Shari’a that would make void that of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws)]. 

The foregoing means that all humanity until Judgment day including al-Khidr, Elias and Issa is the manifest community of Muhammad, while all humanity from Adam to the day of the Prophet’s Messengership is his interior community.

Source: al Futuhat al Makkia ( The Meccan Openings) p: 2598

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