Sunday, December 26, 2010

Surat al Tawba 9:6 The Speech of Allah

"Should one of those who associate others with Allah ask for refuge with you, then do give him refuge until he hears the Speech of Allah, then help him reach a safe place for they are people who have no Knowledge"
Notes before reading:
The Sufis consider all those who have not reached the degree of true knowledge of Haqq (Truth) to be"those who associate others with Allah". The titles: Fuqara’, Qawm. People of special knowledge refer to the Sufis. 
Ibn Arabi
 Give him refuge until he “hears” the Speech of Allah.
 The people of the Qur’an are the people of Allah and they are His close entourage; they are His representatives in the function of giving praise to Him. Their praise does not spring from their own self or from an existential choice nor does it arise from within them; what we hear of their words of praise is nothing but His words wherein He praises Himself, a Divine, pure and sacred praise free from the traces of the creation.
Ibn Ajiba
 O you Knower ! Should one of the Muslims, who have not entered into the countries of realities ( Haqa'iq, pl. of Haqiqat), ask to remain by your side and to listen to some of the sciences of the people of Allah and their secrets, then give him refuge.... it may be that this is the means decreed for him to enter among the people of Allah. The Fuqara’ should not push the non-initiated away, they should treat them gently and make them listen to what is suitable for their state; for the general Muslims have no knowledge of what has been given to those of special knowledge...
In addition, our own Shaykh said : "The people of special knowledge should not enter the country of the people of general knowledge without being accompanied by one of the latter otherwise the community would reject them ...Similarly the people of general knowledge should not enter the country of the people of special knowledge without the company of those who know or they will be rejected”

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