Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Surat Maryam 19: 49-50- A Truthful Tongue

Origin of the Salat Ibrahimiat

Literal translations of the verses
verse 49
So when he separated/isolated himself from them, and what they call from other than God, We granted for him Issac , and Jacob and each/all, We made a prophet.

The exegete Ibn 'Ajiba and others understand the ordering of words in this verse to mean that Ibrahim's isolation, (seclusion ('Izla)) was rewarded by the great gift of the Prophecy to two of his children and point to the great benefits of seclusion in attracting divine favors ( for Zacchariyah as well as for and Maryam)

verse 50
And We granted for them from Our mercy, and We made for them (a) TRUTHFUL high, mighty/dignified TONGUE/language/speech.

The statement " a truthful tongue" (lisana sidqin) occurs in ONE other place in the Qur'an : in the dua'a of Ibrahim in Surat al Shuaara ( 26) 26:84 "Grant me a TRUTHFUL TONGUE among the latest (generations).....

The addition of the word "Truth to Tongue" in this way is interpreted by exegetes like Imam Razi, Haqqi, Ibn 'Ajiba, Ibn 'Arabi etc.... to mean that Ibrahim and his descendants will be praised in all subsequent
generations and are deserving of this praise and reference is made to the Salat Ibrahimiat which we perform before each Tasleem in Salat.....
So that millions of Muslims performing the daily prayers and praising Ibrahim are following the Will of Allah ( swt) and fulfilling the promise made to Ibrahim......

This is an interesting detail for me, as I was not sure of the origin of this Salat; it will make it feel so much more meaningful to send blessings on the Prophet Muhamad ( saaws) and his family and on Prophet Ibrahim and his family....knowing this du'a and this promise .

May Allah swt bless both Prophets and their families until the ends of times. Ameen.

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